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About Me

I was first exposed to sound healing at a Homa Organic Farm in 2010. The owner used crystal bowls and chanting to support the health of his plants and to faciliate group meditations.

I facilitate sound meditation events all over the east coast in yoga studios, holistic wellness facilities, festivals and corporate settings. I have a unique style that combines the use of crystal bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, wooden and metal chimes, and polyphonic throat singing. 

I am a licensed massage therapist and certified yoga and qi-gong instructor.


Sound Healing Certification Course

Become a certified Sound Healer! 

Learn the history and philosophy of sound healing and practice playing the singing bowls and toning.

Earn 6 CEUs with Yoga Alliance. 

Check the schedule tab to attend an upcoming training.

Dante Baker performing at Interfusion Festival in Washington DC

Sound Healing Workshops and Events

 I have been performing since 2012. I have 9 crystal bowls, 34 Tibetan bowls and a variety of wooden and metal chimes. 


Corporate Sound Meditation

 Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate setting. It is a safe, effective and cost-efficient way to increase wellness and productivity in the workplace.


Conscious Dance DJ

My style stems from the Ecstatic Dance tradition with an emphasis on dubstep, drum and bass and medicine music.


metal bowl

New website and domain name

If you've been following me for a while you may have noticed that I recently got a new website and domain name and rebranded my company name to Sounds By Dante (it used to be Dante's Peak Performance).

As everything in life changes and grows, I felt it was time for my website and branding to get an upgrade. I am still providing the same basic services I have been offering for several years now. Thank you for witnessing this new chapter in my evolution as a person and service provider.